The most accurate speed sensor that makes any treadmill smart !

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Most Accurate

Accurate, live, treadmill tracking speed measured through sensor with real beltsize !

Bluetooth Ready

Compatible with the latest virtual running apps such as Zwift!

Easy to Use

Quick configuration. Ready to use with any treadmill !

Easy to Install

Just stick the sensor at the end of your treadmill. Put the marker tape on the belt and you're almost ready to go !

Configurable for accuracy

Just connect to the sensor via WiFi to configure the real treadmill beltsize.

Easy to Use

Select the BlueSense sensor within your favorite virtual running app and start your workout or race. It can't be any easier than that !

What people are saying...

Dinah A.

"This is fantastic! Thanks so much guys!"

William T.B.

"This sensor is amazing. I've been using it for all my indoor running workouts. Finally I can report correct data to my coach."

Lisa D.

"Thanks so much for making this! That saves me from buying an expensive Smart treadmill."

About Us

BlueSense, founded by Ann & Yves, is a startup guided by "SportUp" (a Flemish (Belgian) sport startup accelerator focusing on innovative technologies)